KillThePA Website Complete! #DorffDidit

kill the pa blog post picIt was a long, hard, hair-pulling road but somehow or another we got this website ready to go in a little less than 2 weeks! Yes kids, with the use of Heather Dorff – Web Skillz Extraordinaire , making Jon scramble to draft content text in a jiffy, Devanny Pinn’s image making magic, and J Cam keeping the whole damn thing together – welp we have an official website!

Stay tuned as more content and updates get added over the next few weeks. We are extremely excited to embark on a filming journey that has never quite been done before and doing it with a little ##indie #horror flare 😉

What do you think of the site thus far? Any comments? Suggestions? Notice any errors? Please sound off in the comment thread below! Your support really makes the difference!