How It Works

A first of its kind, interactive filming experience!

A bunch of filmmakers packed into an RV and departed Los Angeles on November 1st, 2014. We travelled across the United States to create 3 FEATURE FILMS.

The first film is called MANIA, directed by Jessica Cameron, and the other movie is called Desolation, directed by Ryan M. Andrews. We will also be bringing a behind-the-scenes (BTS) camera crew with us to document the entire experience. This footage will be edited together to make the feature-length documentary called Kill the PA. Learn more about each of these films by clicking here.

You Determined Our Destinations!

The fans determined our destinations –  a pin was placed on our digital map for every $25 spent by our fans/family and friends in their state that they lived (see #RoadTripMap section on our website). Example: $200 reward equals 8 pins in YOUR city/State. The locations across the United States with the most active donations (the highest amount of pins) determined where we stopped.

Why Not Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

This sort of campaign could not be done on sites such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter due to the way we are integrating the pre-orders with our digital map. That is why we decided to build a website to do it. Fans will also get to become much more involved with the filmmakers with our own website and campaign.

Join us and help be a part of filmmaking history!

Even though we are done filming you can still pre-order the movies and get some other cool rewards. Head over to our official Rewards section to learn more!