OVER 1000!

So our campaign hasn’t been live for more than a handful of days and we’ve already raised over $1000 dollars toward our $50,000 goal! We want to thank everyone who has contributed, shared our campaign with their friends and family, and are just amazaballz fans all around. You guys rock!

We still have a long way to go though toward our 50k goal though! Every dollar contributed will help us towards the making of three feature length films:

> Jessica Cameron’s MANIA  – A fucked up lesbian love story that’s bound to intrigue and disturbed.

> Desolation A female driven hitch hiker tale.

> #KillThePA
– A feature-length documentary following the cast and crew of MANIA and Desolation as they live in an RV, trekking across the US, while completing these films in just 3 weeks.

Remember this campaign is INTERACTIVE! Your contributions don’t just get you amazing rewards and perks – they can directly effect WHERE we will be filming! Learn more about How It Works here and check out our p #RoadTripMaof pins to see where we’ve gotten the most contributions thus far!

Thanks again and please keep sharing!